Project Description

This is where it all started. A personal blog full of colorful images and words that may be offensive to some, but ultimately began my journey into yet another hobby gone awry. I wish I had all the versions of this site because it grew from a simple html site to a CMS site using Joomla, then to it’s final state inside WordPress. This is my testing ground; my Area 51.

Project Details

Client: Self
Date: On-going
Skills: WordPress, Web Design, PHP & SQL, Graphic Design, Illustration, Wordsmithing
Active Site: www.odiousfunk.com

Project Feature

Mostly a blog via four essential categories: Talking, Viewing, Listening and Reading. Each set to historically capture my random and sometimes bizarre thoughts.

Project Feature

I stand up in a crowded room full of strangers and scream to be heard.

I Love Working With Creative Minds

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