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Website Development Effort

What kind of website development are we talking about?

You need a brand new site.

You already have a WordPress site, but want a new look and/or new functionality.

You have a site and you like the look, but you want to convert to the easy framework of WordPress.

You have a site, but it's time for a new look and the ease of WordPress.

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Hosting & Domain Considerations

Need Hosting? Domain Names? SSL Certification? If not, simply click Next Step at the bottom.

10GB SSD storage, 10K monthly visitors, Free Daily Backups, Unmetered Data Transfer, 1 CPU, 512MB Memory

15GB SSD storage, 100K monthly visitors, 2 CPU, 1024MB Memory

30GB SSD storage, 100K monthly visitors, 2 CPU, 2048MB Memory

I can help setup your Domain Names. How many do you need?

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What's Included?

Features and functions we include with every site build.

We ensure your site is responsive to mobile and other devices.

Get details on the visits to your site; where they were, how they got there, how long they stayed and more.

We ensure your site integrates with social media outlets making it easier for you and the world to share.

Dynamic image sliders are a great way to keep visitors engaged.

Providing new content often in a running blog style page helps keep your visitors coming back.

Do you have a lot of images that you want to elegantly display to your visitors? This is the page to do that.

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How Many Pages

Think about the types of pages - Home, About, Contact, Blog, Shop etc.

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How Many Products for Your Online Store?

You chose an ecommerce solution on the last page. About how many products will you start with in your online store?

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Included, Free Options or Customizable

It's sometimes better to customize up front, before getting too far into the project.

We use the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress: Woocommerce. Out of the box, it is extremely powerful.

We extend the already powerful Woocommerce plugin to provide even more capabilities.

You need to coordinate events and want to ensure your visitors are kept up to date through a basic online calendar.

Do you want more control on how the calendar is presented to your visitors?

WordPress makes having multiple authors easy. Out of the box functionality allows for unique roles and capabilities.

Manage your authors by providing custom back end or front end access.

Do you want your site to be found with ease? Let's make sure search bots never tire of crawling through your site.

Expand on Simple SEO by getting higher rankings within search engines.

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What's Extra

Add even more functionality to your site.

Add an area within your site for customers/visitors/members to communicate amongst themselves.

Do you leverage MailChimp or another service to manage your mailing lists? We can help integrate that with your site.

Do you need a writer to put words to your imaginings?

Will you be selling tickets for events, performances, workshops, classes, etc.?

Will you be incorporating member only or member loyalty programs?

Do you have a need to charge customers based on some revolution of time?

Are you just starting out or looking to freshen up your presence? We can help with all your branding needs.

Minification, CDN's, Image Sprites and other mysterious creatures. You're really moving now!

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